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What is the smallest class of pickup trucks available?

If you are moving things around for a living, this may be a false economy. A small pickup cant move much furniture and tying it down takes some skill. I never had much trouble moving a few sheets of ply in a small pickup, as mentioned by other replies. I used the wheel well protrusions as the supports together with milk or soft drink crates, if I did not have other cargo to put under the ply. I had two sets of rope on the truck, one around 30 ft and the other around 50 ft. I had more rope, just not on the truck. A stable load is super important. My brother once transported a fridge using only a short rope. He had to make an emergency stop to avoid hitting two cars racing each other and coming from the opposite direction. The fridge flipped out of the truck, onto the road. As there was no accident, he had to eat the cost of repairs to his fridge.

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